What Can You Expect When You Decide To Work With Us?

A lot of first time sellers aren't sure what to expect when they come into our shop.  We essentially work in three ways:

  1. We try to buy common coins for their precious metals value.
  2. We try to buy rare coins that we can then market to advanced collectors.
  3. We provide appraisal and consultation services for customers who are looking to sell or invest in a numismatic collection.

While we are in a position to spend any amount of money right away, you are never walking into a high pressure "act now" environment.

How Do I Know I Am Getting A Fair Price?

Any time you are dealing with an important purchase or large sale there is always the fear of overpaying or underselling.  It is just human nature.  Everyone always feels like the other party is getting the better deal.  Whether it is buying a car or selling your house, there is always that feeling that the price just wasn't quite right.  Things can get even more convoluted when it comes to coins.  Hopping on the internet trying to research the value of a coin will leave your head spinning.  You can find prices for something like a common Morgan dollar for as little as $5 or as much as $100,000.  How do you know what your coin is really worth?  The first step is to not try to figure it out on your own and to instead talk to an expert.  We understand that most people who come into our shop aren't seasoned collectors.  They are just people wanting a fair price.  That is exactly what we provide.  If we pay $15 for a coin, we can probably point to where we are selling the exact same coin for $16.50.  Or if you want to spend $10,000 on rare gold coins, we can provide the assurance of a buyback price within a percentage point or two.  We don't try to get rich off any one deal.  We just want everyone who visits us to either be a happy buyer or happy seller.  Pay us a visit or give us a call and we can get the conversation started.  Thanks